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Our Story

Always Moving Forward

Man Nam was founded by Donny Kim who is born in Dae Gu(대구) South Korea, has always loved to cook for others and tries to create amazing Korean food. He went back to South Korea to improve his Korean recipes more and worked in the kitchens to learn. His passion for Korean food led to opening Man Nam in 2019. 

Man Nam is a place where people from all over the Netherlands can meet to enjoy authentic Korean dishes in comfortable atmosphere. Man Nam lets people meet Korean heritage which is Korean food. 

Korean Fried Chicken has started from Dae Gu in South Korea which makes great city to learn KFC. Man Nam Korean Fried Chicken has Southern style.

Our encounter was not coincidence

This piece text is from the song Man Nam. We all have loved ones and we miss them all the time. Our encounter is not a coincidence. We are all meant to meet each other. We are Man Nam!

Man Nam Wall Poem.jpg
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